4 thoughts on “Land of the Rising Sun”

  1. LOL _____ Land of the Rising Sun______ months ago, insults between Korean netizens and Filipino netizens were hurled againts each other, which led to #CancelKorea in the Philippines. One Filipina tiktoker was merely dancing on tiktok , but accidentally showed her Land of the Rising flag tattoo on her am. Korean netizens started dissing her , and later the Philippines. Filipinos were shocked. Eh, long story.

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      1. It seems Korean and Japanese folks hate each other. South Koreans who apologized to the Filipinos ( on Korean TV and newspapers) said to understand them because they were colonized by Japan for 35 years_____ The Filipinos were like…. Boo hoo hoo… how sad for you….. the Philippines was colonized by Spain for 337 years, by the Americans for 50 years, and by Japan for 5 years… * shakes head *

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      2. hahaha! I love your outlook about the situation! 😄😄😄Everyone just needs to get over it already. It’s all in the past. What happened, happened. And there’s nothing that can be done to change the past. Some people need to stop living in the past and start being in the present. We have plenty of issues now that need our attention and constantly bringing up the past is not going to solve anything. Yes, boo hoo hoo too bad for you! 🤣🤣🤣 You tell them! Get over it already and move on! Please! 🤟🤟

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