12 thoughts on “Don’t Kick Me With Those Shoes!”

  1. Mom said they’re regular school girl shoes in Asia, although those in the pic is a bit….. in the Philippines, they are called “Boy’s shoes” , and are the uniform shoes worn by Catholic School girls. Haha

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      1. Eh. You’d be surprised how long their skirts are. We have tons of photos of my sister’s uniform in high school. Down to their ankles, Michael Atkins. lol Maybe , one of these days I’m going to post some retro photos of my sister’s class pictures. He he

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      2. Hey you should post them. That would be cool to see! You don’t see many ankle-length school uniforms in Japan these days, but I’m sure there are some schools that have them. Skirts and combat shoes are the way to go! hahaha.

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      3. I know, right? But I need to digitize them first. I have to go to FedEx. Yep, the long skirts are interesting. It’s not as if the photos were taken in the ’50’s. It’s late 90’s , just before we immigrated to the US.

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