10 thoughts on “Don’t Get Caught in the Web!”

      1. Yup I follow you. All the posts show up, it’s just that the photo isn’t being shown, except for some of them. Alone on the temple steps” shows the photo normally.
        Could this be a “feature image” setting perhaps?

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      2. Not sure. I don’t use that setting. But will definitely look into it. I know for some other blogs I follow, the pictures don’t always show in the reader until I actually open the article. I don’t know why it’s like that. Anyhow, thank you for being a follower! 😊 Much appreciated !

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      3. I really enjoy your photos, it’s intriguing to see the city I live in being reinterpreted by a talented person like you😁

        Oh and another thing I’ve noticed is that when you post multiple times in the same day, some of the posts get “condensed” into a smaller heading (I would paste a screenshot but don’t know if this is possible 😅)

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      4. Thank you so much. So glad you enjoy the photos! 😊 I definitely appreciate your feedback. I think the rendering of how the photos appear in the reader is happening from WordPress side. But I’m going to look into it to see if there’s a way around it. Thank you again! 😉

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